Our 5-Phase Product Assessment, Contracting, Planning and Implementation Process

While research and client feedback confirm the value of our offerings, we believe that no decision should be made without your first testing the product and recommend a five-phase approach.

1. Demo
The Team Business Demo provides a clear overview of the approach and outcomes of our methodologies and content. In 4 hours we will take 16-25 participants (we recommend a wide range of your staff – levels and department – attend) through an experiential process that is in itself dynamic and educational. We regard the demo as our investment in the relationship and so do not charge for it.

2. Pilot
Should the demo provide sufficient evidence for you to continue the process, a single pilot is run to:

  • Determine whether any customisation is necessary
  • To ensure ‘fit’ with your company’s culture and needs
  • To gain insights into appropriate logistics and delivery methods

3. Planning
We will then run a workshop with relevant staff – line and HR – to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from the programme itself and the post-programme workplace application and improvement.

4. Implementation
The programme is then rolled out on the basis of decisions made in the planning process. All programmes are evaluated to ensure that correct impact is being achieved.

5. Workplace application and monitoring
The value of any training programme lies in resulting behaviour change in the workplace. We provide guidance to management on sustaining the workplace system and move into a reactive mode – providing support on request.

Should you wish to assess Team Business programmes, simply contact us and we’ll arrange to do a demo for your company – either at your offices or ours.

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